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Software Development

Agile Development

This blog is going to focus on agile development at 4-Ti and the outcomes of introspective conversations about our development process

At 4-Ti we decided to take a hard look at our development process and see how we could improve as an organization. One of our goals with this planning was to standardize our development process so that no matter how many projects, customers, and developers we have, we will consistently create high-quality products.

John Cody
John Cody
Software Developer
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Frontend State Management

This post will dive into different options for handling state in the frontend. Mainly we will look at the useContext hook from React and the Redux Toolkit

When building a project there are a number of options to handling data and state in the frontend. The entire internet operates on HTTP. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. For those not familiar with IT and websites, just know that HTTP is stateless (meaning it cannot hold information) and that every website you look at is built from a series of requests and responses. 

John Cody
John Cody
Software Developer

Handling HL7 Documents in the Modern Era

Diving into a few options for handling HL7 documents in a web application, including working in javascript and python.

HL7 is a standard format used by medical facilities and healthcare providers around the world to communicate and send data. These standards were created by the Health Level Seven International and it provides a system and definitive outline for the structuring of patient and medical data. This allows for electronic medical records to be distributed globally with reduced risk of errors related to misinterpretation.

John Cody
John Cody
Software Developer